StatementDIFFA KC supports the prevention of HIV and AIDS by funding education and awareness programs in Greater Kansas City. We seek to arrest the spread of HIV in our community.

Success Stories

Help from a Friend

Janine was recently diagnosed with HIV.  When she told her partner of the diagnosis, he kicked her out. Ironically, it was her birthday. Alone, frightened and homeless, Janine went to the Kansas City Free Health Clinic for help.  The clinic provided her with free medical care, case management services that helped her get emergency housing and a peer counselor to help ease her fears. Janine’s peer counselor is determined to help her through the challenges […]Read more

Into the Nightclubs: Peers as Educators

The Kansas City Free Health Clinic program, Business Owners as HIV Prevention Advocates, recruits bartenders, bouncers and waitresses in nightclubs where vulnerable populations assemble to serve as HIV peer educators.  Among the first business owners to come on board was the owner of one of the most popular African-American clubs in the metropolitan area.  The club had been identified as a priority location because of the large number of African-American women in the clientele. The […]Read more

The Good-Time House

Joy was a regular visitor to the “good-time house,” a residence open 24 hours a day to a clientele that engages in drug use, drug selling, prostitution and group sex there.  When prevention specialist from the Kansas Free Health Clinic visited the good-time house, he was able to establish a relationship with Joy.  Over time, she became empowered and educated herself to become an HIV prevention advocate at the good-time house – a place where […]Read more


Jamal lived with his mother, Denise.  His dad did not live with them but would come around every couple of months to assault Denise and abuse Jamal.  Jamal and his mom moved frequently to try and avoid his father.  The frequent moves and the violence and chaos in his home took a toll on Jamal.  He became involved in gangs, started using drugs and was kicked out of high school. A friend encouraged Denise to […]Read more