Get to Know Alan Karlin

Alan Karlin, DIFFA/KC Board Chair

Alan-Photo-smallQ: Where were you born? A: Hays, America – it’s in Kansas but everyone knows that – right?

Q: What brought you to Kansas City? A: After graduating from K-State with a degree in Interior Design I moved to Kansas City because it seemed like the farthest place I could move from my home town.

Q: What do you love about your current career or life work? A: I love working with people and making their lives both aesthetically and functionally work much better!

Q: What is the best part of your involvement in DIFFA-KC A: I have admired the people I have met through my involvement in DIFFA-KC, and the more I learn about our fund recipients, the more I realize how awesome it is to use my creative talents and REALLY save lives at the same time.

Q: What are your hopes for the future of DIFFA- KC A: In the futrue I hope that there will not need to be a DIFFA for AIDS, but a Design Industry Foundation helping a new cause! NO More AIDS! AIDS is preventable with great education, peer outreach and current medications! We need to Educate people to make it happen!

Q: Who is your celebrity crush? A: My crush is currently Lady Gaga – her love and support of all people is amazing and what we all should strive for!


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