Celebrating Richard Manes

On April 3rd, a small group was gathered to thank Richard Manes. As Vice President of Operations for KeyBank Real Estate Capital, Richard has excelled in his role there for nearly 13 years. Recently, Richard has received an award from KeyBank which includes a $5,000 donation to his charity of choice. In his fabulous style, he chose DIFFA/KC. This decision was not without a long-time relationship. Richard tirelessly served the DIFFA/KC board of directors for over a decade. This role surpassed expectations, with additional financial support, and most visibly, with his amazing design talent. Those who know Richard appreciate his sincerity and exuberant spirit. It sure was fun catching up with Richard, and we cannot thank him enough for this unexpected gift!

Get to Know Alan Karlin

Alan Karlin, DIFFA/KC Board Chair

Alan-Photo-smallQ: Where were you born? A: Hays, America – it’s in Kansas but everyone knows that – right?

Q: What brought you to Kansas City? A: After graduating from K-State with a degree in Interior Design I moved to Kansas City because it seemed like the farthest place I could move from my home town.

Q: What do you love about your current career or life work? A: I love working with people and making their lives both aesthetically and functionally work much better!

Q: What is the best part of your involvement in DIFFA-KC A: I have admired the people I have met through my involvement in DIFFA-KC, and the more I learn about our fund recipients, the more I realize how awesome it is to use my creative talents and REALLY save lives at the same time.

Q: What are your hopes for the future of DIFFA- KC A: In the futrue I hope that there will not need to be a DIFFA for AIDS, but a Design Industry Foundation helping a new cause! NO More AIDS! AIDS is preventable with great education, peer outreach and current medications! We need to Educate people to make it happen!

Q: Who is your celebrity crush? A: My crush is currently Lady Gaga – her love and support of all people is amazing and what we all should strive for!