The Good-Time House

Joy was a regular visitor to the “good-time house,” a residence open 24 hours a day to a clientele that engages in drug use, drug selling, prostitution and group sex there.  When prevention specialist from the Kansas Free Health Clinic visited the good-time house, he was able to establish a relationship with Joy.  Over time, she became empowered and educated herself to become an HIV prevention advocate at the good-time house – a place where such advocacy may save more lives than in any other setting.

As a peer educator, Joy provides HIV prevention interventions at the good-time house – and at her own home and in her own neighborhood.  She has given many presentations on HIV and STD prevention, and she uses skill-building demonstrations for very hard-to-reach populations.  Joy helps at-risk individuals learn how to check a condom, how to use the female and male condoms, and how to lower the risk of transmission from drug use and sex.  She also spreads the word about HIV in the African-American community as well as about other sexually-transmitted diseases.

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