Join the board of directors

DIFFA/KC is seeking volunteers to serve on our working board, effective June 2016.  We are a working board, consisting of all volunteers, for this non-profit with little overhead and large impact on the Kansas City community.  The board meets monthly; and additional time commitments are in support of our events, which includes planning, execution and follow-up.  To enhance the skills set of our board, we are searching for passionate people with a strength in IT, legal, graphic design, medical (MD, LNP, RN), community outreach and/or community education, and dietary/fitness.

DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) Kansas City is a local chapter of a national non-profit, whose purpose locally is fundraising to support grants for AIDS prevention education programs. Through events, DIFFA raises money which is pooled, with other local foundations and private funders, to support HACAP (Heart of America Community AIDS Partnership). By joining forces under the HACAP umbrella, more local services can be supported. Further, HACAP is managed through the United Way, which eliminates many administrative costs which respectively increases the funds at hand for donation to grants.  DIFFA maintains one or more directors from the board on the HACAP committee each year.

Consistently, DIFFA is the largest contributor to HACAP, with approximately 1.5 million of the approximate 4.8 million dollars raised in the past 25 years. Other groups contributing include Hallmark Corporate Foundation, H & R Block Foundation, Sosland Foundation, Bank of America Trust, and JE Dunn. One of the unique benefits to the collaboration is the ability to fund riskier programs (such as needle exchange) and new organizations (which have certainly resulted in some failures but more so, successes).  Recently, $276,000 has been allocated between 11 local programs.

Annually, a call for local non-profits to apply for grants in the upcoming year.  HACAP reviews applicants, and conducts site studies.  Grants are then awarded. Reviews of grantees’ progress is completed, via site studies and reviews of supports grantees are required to provide. Those grantees not meeting their obligations will be asked to refund monies allotted.

DIFFA’s board ideally consists of 10 to 25 members, and consists of four to five chief executive officers.  The financial commitment is a $150 donation annually. The duration of the commitment is in three-year terms.  Annually in January the Policies and Procedures are reviewed. In March terms are reviewed and a nomination committee is assigned to solicit and recommend new board members for the upcoming fiscal year. This is further reviewed in May, to include determining the number of board members recommended. In June, officers are elected, followed by the election of directors, and assignment of chairs of the Nominating and the Grants Committees.  Typically the primary focus of DIFFA’s board is to create and execute exciting events (or parties with a purpose) which is the source of our fundraising for HACAP.

Applicants should submit a letter of interest and their resume to